“I’m back, baby”


From the Ashes of Self-Doubt and Existential Chaos, A Phoenix Rising

So, uh… Hi there… it’s been a while! Jeezum crow, last post was… November 2019?! How has it been that long? Well, a lot happened in November 2019… A lot of… Self-doubt. Mental health quagmires. Then 2020 happened. Yeah, 2020. That alone could be forgiven for one’s absence. But that, of course, isn’t the full […]

“The Considerate Man Suicides” – A Contemplation of the Tragedy

On All Hallow’s Eve, a shadow stands on the threshold. A familiar spectre, stalking each of us from the first moment we draw breath and open our eyes, until the day we close them for good. The shadow opens the door, beckoning, welcoming you to peer inside, to cast your gaze forward – or back… […]

Through Death’s Door anthology release

Hello everyone! At last, we have a release date for the long awaited Through Death’s Door anthology from Monnath Books! The book, featuring my short story “The Considerate Man Suicides”, lands – very appropriately – on Halloween, 31st October 2019. Here’s the book’s blurb: “Since humankind began, the certainty of death has made us ponder […]




furythephoenix twitch channel

Time to Get Creative!

Previously reserved for game streaming, Marcus has longed for his Twitch channel to become a creative space where he could share his published work, work-in-progress and experiment with other media and genres. There’ll still be gaming, with writing, painting, drawing and new forms and media taking a more central role in the channel. If you’d like to check him out, visit https://twitch.tv/furythephoenix