Writing Update – March


I thought I’d start a new monthly update on my current writing projects on my blog, as a way to keep followers and readers up-to-date with my work, talk a little bit about the works themselves and my process, inspirations, etc. Kind of like an ongoing exegesis – and getting people hyped for work to come!

As of now, I have no more stories due for release – Zombie Pirate Publishing‘s WORLD WAR FOUR anthology, featuring my story “The Lazarus Protocol” just came out on March 1st. If you haven’t taken a look yet, go check it out!

BUT, I have already submitted two pieces so far – a short horror story for Zombie Pirate’s next publication, FULL METAL HORROR 2: A Bloodstained Anthology; and a sample for a novella pitch that was shortlisted, for a forthcoming shared-universe dystopian series by Australian Speculative Fiction called Drowned Earth. I should find out in the next couple of months whether either were accepted, so fingers and toes crossed!

As for what I’m working on right now in March… I’m working on a submission right now for ASF’s forthcoming Zodiac-themed anthologies, a story themed around Capricorn entitled “Lord of the Deep”. It tells the story of Magnus, who finds himself haunted in both his dreams and waking hours by mysterious, frightening Mesopotamian entities. As the apparitions intensify, he discovers he is gaining powers, and finds himself inexplicably on the path to advent godhood. But something is luring him towards the deep beneath the earth, a primordial force older than time itself, jealous… and hungry. Magnus may find that his emerging godhood may not be enough to resist the power threatening to consume him…

I am also in the planning stages for a story due in May for ASF again in their annual anthology, this year’s theme being Journeys. My story, “Samsāra”, is an adapted story framed around an existing story I wrote years ago about a set of twins, journeying through life after life, being hurled apart each time by some unremembered trauma. But this time, something monstrous will unite them and end the cycle… and Alice may be forced to choose a personal hell, or someone else’s. This story isn’t due for a couple of months yet, so focus is predominantly on “Lord of the Deep” for now.

Well, that’s it for now, folks! If you want to get more regular updates, you can Like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram and Twitter (my feeds can be seen along the main page sidebar!). As work on “Lord of the Deep” progresses, I may post a bit more about it on the blog.



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