Announcement: Drowned Earth novella – “Tides of War”

drowned earth promo

Hi everyone!

Today I’d like to announce (even though the news is over a week old) that my pitch and writing sample have been accepted to be developed into a full novella as part of ASF‘s “Drowned Earth” series! This will be my first accepted full length title, and I’m incredibly humbled to have been chosen alongside eight other fantastic Aussie speculative authors. The series will share a single universe with a harrowing premise: what if all the ice in the world melted, kicked into overdrive by some cataclysmic event, raising the water levels by 90m? (NB: Research indicates that if all the world’s ice melted, it’d go up by only 60m or so in reality, but we’ve decided to go a little more extreme to explore the concept!)

My story, currently operating under the working title “Tides of War”, is the story of Maria, a refugee living at Endurance Point, a settlement along the new coastline of Victoria, far in the former northern Melbourne suburbs. She fishes for her settlement far out beyond the Reef (the submerged Melbourne CBD), but food, water and fuel are becoming scarce – Endurance Point and the other settlements along the coast face starvation and strife.

One day out on Hidden Bay, beyond the Reef, Maria comes across a lone rowboat, carrying a dehydrated and sunburned man, unconscious and on the verge of death. Maria brings him back to Endurance Point, and upon his recovery, learns he is a refugee from a  lotus city: a self-sustaining, floating mega-city built in secret before the Rise, reserved for the government politicians and social elite who have secretly abandoned the mainland, declaring it irreparable.

Maria, who lost her family in the tsunami at the beginning of the Rise, decides enough is enough – the rich and powerful have trodden on the common people for too long. She can’t abide their business as usual mentality any longer… and so sets out to unite the Victorian settlements and bring war to the lotus cities.

We’re in the planning phases of the series right now, with a late 2019/2020 release date most likely. I’ll post regular updates and teasers as the project progresses.

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Thanks again guys!



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