Writing Update – April

Welcome back, everyone, for another monthly writing update!

samsara cycleThis month has started off with a bang, with the announcement of my inclusion in the Drowned Earth series of novellas being put out by ASF sometime in 2019/2020. This will be my first full-length project to be published (and my first actually commissioned!), which is incredibly exciting and humbling. I and the other eight Aussie authors writing this series (one book each) are currently in the planning and world-building phase of the project, with actual writing expected to begin very, very soon (I know I will be anyway!).

Last month I mentioned a number of stories I was preparing for submission – “Lord of the Deep” being one of them. I am happy to say I finished the story and submitted it to ASF’s Capricorn anthology (part of a zodiac-themed anthology series they’re going to be bringing out over 2019/2020). It’s a mythological fantasy story, reinterpreting aspects of Sumerian myth while creating its own – in a way the story acts as a precursor for a longer story (perhaps novel) I plan to write down the track, loosely titled “Advent God”. I’m really happy with how it turned out – hopefully the ASF crew like it enough to publish it!

With that one out of the way, next on my list of forthcoming submissions is “Samsāra”, a reworking of a story I wrote roughly 11-12 years ago called “Gemini”. I’ve already begun redrafting and am confident I can pull off a unique interpretation of the Journeys theme of the target anthology – a set of twins pulled through life after life, unaware of their previous cycles, thrown apart by some devastating event each and every time, some action of the brother, Tommy… This time, however, Alice is going to find out what that thing is, but she isn’t going to like the answer, or what her brother has intended for them both…

Also, some other big news: I’ve been asked to write a story for an anthology featuring three other authors – Alanah Andrews, E. L. Giles and Natalie Rix – themed around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I’ll be writing the story for the Horseman Famine, which I’m going to write as a tie-in (though it will also be a stand-alone story) to my long-enduring novel-in-progress, Land of the Righteous, set during what appears to be the biblical Armageddon. Famine appears in the novel but unfortunately I can’t share much of his story there because it wouldn’t work. This anthology novelette will fill that void. I’m super excited, not just for the story, but to be working with these guys – they’re bloody excellent storytellers, and I’m privileged to be asked to feature alongside them.

Well, that’s it for another month. Peace out, everyone – and happy reading!



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