Writing Update – May 2019

full metal horror

Hello everyone!

So a little news this month – I recently finished a story called “Of Shadows and the Dominion of Night” – a Lovecraftian horror tale heavily influence by creepypasta horror tales, written in the form of a diary, about a man who suddenly becomes the subject of interest for shadow people – menacing black figures haunting his periphery and his sleep with an unfathomable, but surely unwholesome agenda. I really enjoyed working on this one and I’ve since submitted it for another anthology publication. Fingers crossed!

I’ve recommended work on the story I mentioned last month, “Samsara” – a rework of an older story called “Gemini” – and it’s going well. Progress has only been slowed really by an endless stream of university assignments and creative works, but I’m still chipping away at it. This is going to be another deliciously supernatural horror story, though probably a bit more gruesome and confronting than “Of Shadows…”, which featured more sex than blood. It was nice to try something new but I want to go back to what I know! 😀 This is another one for an anthology submission.

Now, the big news: yesterday my story “Lord of the Deep” has been accepted for publishing by Aussie Speculative Fiction in their forthcoming “Capricorn” anthology later this year! I was biting my nails in anxiety over this one, as I really loved this story. I pulled the heart of it from Sumerian myth, reimagined and respun some of the pantheon’s primary players. It tells the story of a young man, Magnus, who awakens one day with unexplainable cosmic knowledge He soons realises he is becoming a god, coinciding with a series of persistent hauntings by a terrifying apparition called the Goat of Waters. The Goat – the Living Capricorn, Lord of the Deep – is also known as the Devourer, and through his new otherworldly gifts Magnus knows he is next on the menu, and must take the fight to the Devourer. (Of course, there’s always more to it than that with my stuff… Haha 😉 )

The other big news (which, unbelievably, I forgot to post about sooner!) is that my recently accepted horror story, “Transfusion” (formerly “Bad Blood”), due to be published in Zombie Pirate Publishing’s upcoming FULL METAL HORROR 2: A Bloodstained Anthology, comes out June 15th! “Transfusion” is the story of Michael, an embattled retail worker who, instead of taking his frustrations out on others, he does something positive: he donates blood, and all the better because it’s AB negative, the rarest and most needed blood type. But his gift may be giving more than he, or the town of Gladden Hills, bargained for…

Not long to wait now for that bad boy. However you can already preorder the book, either in ebook or paperback, via Amazon, so if you want to secure your copy now, click the link: http://a-fwd.to/4Xa98CN

That’s all from me for another month. Happy reading, see you again in June! (Fingers crossed on some more anthology announcements!)



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