Science Fiction Double Feature – “Into the Eye” and “Phosphorous”

Hello everybody! It’s been a while!

I’ve had my head down and tail up as I work furiously to finish my upcoming novella, Tides of War. But while I’ve been working, some friends of mine – Adam Bennett and Sam Phillips, the honchos behind Zombie Pirate Publishing, have been working hard on a science fiction double feature, featuring two awesome novellas:

“Into The Eye” (Sam M. Phillips) and “Phosphorous (Adam Bennett)

Into the Eye

In the 22nd century, a polluted Earth sits at the heart of an intergalactic trade empire. Alberic Americ, an out of work miner, is desperate to get off world. He’ll do anything to get a job on a ship heading into The Eye, an ominous region of space where mysterious pearls are harvested as fuel. Determined to prove his worth, Alberic battles his inner demons on a journey to discover the source of his own choices.


As a Warrior Monk of the Order, Dietrich Adrigan walks a path separate from the billions living in the New York Elevator. Escaping the high-tension life of the gigacity, Dietrich visits the Earth Sanctuary to contemplate a great trial to impress the Council of Elders. A chance meeting leads him off planet, where he’ll confront interplanetary mafiosos, and risk almost certain death in search of a hidden space station.

How awesome do those stories sound? These guys really know how to write kick-ass sci-fi, and you’ll be in for a treat with these two novellas.

The book is available NOW on Amazon!

Worldwide link:

Check the guys out on their social media as well:

Sam M. Phillips on Facebook

Adam Bennett on Facebook

Zombie Pirate Publishing

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