Through Death’s Door anthology release

Hello everyone!

At last, we have a release date for the long awaited Through Death’s Door anthology from Monnath Books!

The book, featuring my short story “The Considerate Man Suicides”, lands – very appropriately – on Halloween, 31st October 2019. Here’s the book’s blurb:

Since humankind began, the certainty of death has made us ponder on the uncertainty of the unknown—the afterlife, spirituality, reincarnation and religion—all in an effort to explore and try to explain our reason for existing, living and dying. Within this anthology, we have twenty-six diverse stories from authors exploring the concept of death in all its intricacies, possibilities and sensitivities. We invite you to take a walk Through Death’s Door where you can explore haunted places, meet with murderers, and even revisit the legend that was David Bowie himself.

My story “The Considerate Man Suicides” is about Gordon, a man who, thinking he has lost everything and everyone he cares about, everything he has worked to buildup, is ready to walk through death’s door and check out early. But when a surprising player enters the scene to disrupt his intentions, Gordon realises that maybe his life wasn’t everything he believed it to be – or as dark.

The book is available for preorder now on Amazon in both paperback and ebook. Click the link below:

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