Writing Update – June 2019

Hello again fellow travellers! My, my , has it been another month already? This year is just flying by - feels like I'm doing heaps but achieving little all at once! But the emphasis is on the word "feeling", because I've been rather busy and productive. Lots of news this month. So, the most obvious [...]

Writing Update – May 2019

Hello everyone! So a little news this month - I recently finished a story called "Of Shadows and the Dominion of Night" - a Lovecraftian horror tale heavily influence by creepypasta horror tales, written in the form of a diary, about a man who suddenly becomes the subject of interest for shadow people - menacing [...]

Writing Update – April

Welcome back, everyone, for another monthly writing update! This month has started off with a bang, with the announcement of my inclusion in the Drowned Earth series of novellas being put out by ASF sometime in 2019/2020. This will be my first full-length project to be published (and my first actually commissioned!), which is incredibly exciting [...]

Writing Update – March

I thought I'd start a new monthly update on my current writing projects on my blog, as a way to keep followers and readers up-to-date with my work, talk a little bit about the works themselves and my process, inspirations, etc. Kind of like an ongoing exegesis - and getting people hyped for work to [...]